I’m sick of beauty blogs.

But I started one. Why? Because I’m a minimalist when it comes to my face.

We all have Naked Palettes (okay, not me), we all have a zillion makeup brushes and fret about how to organize our makeup. I know what looks good on my face, so why would I tell you what looks good on yours? I can give suggestions, but that’s all.

I do love makeup, I really really do. I could spend hours in the drugstore makeup aisle, at Sephora, online just perusing the packaging and colours. Seriously, I love it! Day-to-day, I hardly wear any, so why the massive collection?

My husband actually prefers I don’t put anything on my face. When we started dating, he bet that I couldn’t go three months (ermahgerd!) without makeup. I did. Okay, I wore it once for a special occasion. But I did it!

I started this blog because I wanted to remind myself every day (edit: however often I post), that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And maybe dig to the bottom of why myself and so many other women horde makeup when we hardly wear any. Most of us have a small downpayment on a car invested into our beauty products! I want to explore some of the philosophical ideals of beauty in relation to makeup. We’re torn between two opposing ideals of beauty: the first, where women are expected to look immaculate and made up all of the time, and the second, where we’re expected to look immaculate without doing anything.

This is going to sound incredibly cheesy, but I feel like my cat has taught me a lot about beauty. She’s a Sphynx, and has the coolest personality, and I stay at home more because of her. A lot of people think she looks creepy or ugly and aren’t afraid to say it. I think she’s majestic and beautiful. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she just wants to stay warm, eat, sleep, and play, which makes her awesome in my books.

I’m also writing this post while she licks my neck, which feels like you’re being exfoliated ha ha. That’s her in the picture! Her name is Pop Tart. Like Nyan Cat!

So what can you expect from this blog? Probably a few photos of my makeup collection. Maybe some ugly selfies. A few posts about why I can’t pin-point my obsession with nail polish. Maybe a few more posts on why I wear so little makeup and a few ways you can make your makeup look better by treating your body like a temple. I’ll do a few product reviews, but I won’t bombard the page with them (and I’ll have decent pictures, I promise!).

This is about what I do and don’t put on my face, or expect you to put on yours.

But ultimately, it’s about my face. Me me me, blog blog blog, right?


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  1. May Naimian says:

    Like mother ,like daughter 😄


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