Sickie Sunday

Took care of the hubberzand (husband) the last few days, now he’s taking care of me. We’ve been watching Star Trek Enterprise the last couple of weeks, and today I wish that we could have the bounty of having eradicated the common cold like they have in the 25th century. Sigh.

I had Ed take a picture of me at my greasiest sickie moment just after I’d slapped on a pore strip. After removing the strip, I “convinced” him to put one on! I’m still not sure how that happened, or if I’m hallucinating from the Buckley’s. Hehe. He sounded mostly surprised that it stays on for a whole fifteen minutes. Next he’ll find out that he has to rinse off his nose after he takes it off.

After this box of pore strips is finished, I plan to use the DIY gelatin and milk method. It seems silly to post about it today when I haven’t done it, and even sillier since two excellent bloggers have written about it already. Barefoot Blonde has a post about a full face pore strip mask, and xovain‘s written an excellent blog about the drugstore pore strips vs. the DIY method. Best not to beat a dead horse writing on a topic that is already simple and well-explored.

Personally, I would look into trying Sea Bond and paper towel. I’ll let you know if I tear off a layer of skin in the process.

Peeled off Ed’s pore strip, and here’s the result:


Ewwwwww! More like “pass me a magnifying glass, it looks like a forest of sebum and blackheads!”.

There is a clear lesson in all of this after experimenting on the husband’s face: I could use pore strips less often and get away with it.

Next, we shall paint his toes! But not today.


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