Flaky Nose Wednesday

Still a bit of a sickie. Yup, that’s my garbage bag!

Things I’ve accomplished while being sick: finished knitting a mitten last night because I couldn’t sleep, alternated with readings of Ja, No, Man, watched a Wallace and Gromit Movie, put away laundry, and bathed the cat.

Aside: our cat, Pop Tart, loathes bathing. She’s starting to get used to it; I came out unscathed, and nary a meow of complaint came from her! Hooray for clean cats!

Remember when I said that the Uncle Mike’s moisturizer was great for winter and dry skin? Well it’s also amazing for post cold Rudolph syndrome or flaky nose! I’ve been slathering it on between nasal passage clearings (nose blowings, haha). Vaseline doesn’t hold a candle to this stuff.

Must run errands and adult, otherwise I’d write more.




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