Our House!

You know who’s not a minimalist? My house.

As a new homeowner, I would just like to say this: my house is a diva. A demanding diva. Said diva is taking over my life and leaving me with zero blog time.

Today, I installed (it took three seconds), a shower curtain rod. Last week I installed bathroom fixtures (a robe hook, a towel ring and toilet paper holder), replaced an anode rod (actually the neatest thing), caulked the bathtubs, re-organized the kitchen layout, and finally found a cupboard for all my teas. We also moved another truck load of our things from 250 km away, and now writing this blog.

If you don’t know how to do any of the previous things I mentioned, just remember that YouTube can teach you.

Speaking of the anode rod and YouTube, I wasn’t super impressed with the tutorial I watched. The man whose YouTube tutorial I watchedย explained the process, but he kept referring to certain tools as “a man’s tool,” which of course, drove me insane. You can be a woman and fix things. It’s not unheard of. Tools are not gendered. I could go on about this, but my inner voice is telling me to shut up.

My non-minimalist house is eating up my minimalist blog. Sigh.

I swear I will write about all the things I don’t put on my face in the next post. I know I’m breaking bloghenge by writing about lame personal things.

Here’s a cute house-related song


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