The Minimalist on Whole30

Keeping quiet about a Whole30 is kind of hard, especially at work when people want to take you out for lunch. I’m also not anal expulsive on social media, and I try not to be on my blog for the most part.

I was feeling yucky starting the New Year and figured there’s no better time to squeeze in more veggies into my life. My Whole30 is twofold: reason one is that I wanted to recalibrate my diet and challenge myself. Reason two is the vain reason: I was getting ready to start a new office job and wanted to fit into my office clothes again. So far I’m fitting!

I’m not a nutritionist or a health professional, so my opinions are merely anecdotal, and you can take them as lightly or seriously as you like.

A couple of things I did differently from the traditional Whole30: I kept quinoa, beans, and legumes in my diet. Let’s be honest: there’s virtually nothing wrong with those things, and they’re a great food group. A friend of mine who is studying nutrition actually recommended I keep them in so I wasn’t eating tons of meat (also not good).

I’ve kept a daily “diary” of what I’ve been feeling and thinking the last 22 days. Only 8 days left!

No, I’m never doing this again. I feel great, and I think it’s a great foundation diet, but I daydream of cheese all of the bleeping time.

Whole30 Thoughts: Days 1-22

Day 1 – This headache is going to make my brain explode. I miss chocolate already. 29 more days to go

Day 2 – I feel like an old creaky wooden door with a headache

Day 3 – Feeling lighter, less headache, achey the second half of the day. I may have treated my body like a garbage dump before this started. Why am I torturing myself? Went for massage, a walk and a bath. My entire being kills

Day 4 – The coffee helped!

Day 5 – (Singing) I’m going to shovel the snow! Can I weigh myself now?

Day 6 – Kill all the things

Day 7 – Not even hungry. Creaky has resumed. I’m a human zombie

Day 8 – Food tastes so meh

Day 9 – Okay, but my chia matcha pudding was okay. I should have measured myself before I started this…

Day 10 – Sara stop looking at yourself in the mirror, jeez! Will work out tonight. You’re so vain.

Day 11 – Taking a nap. Gah. Also why would I even crave a pogo?

Day 12 – I’m bloated and resigned to my fate. I just want to eat cheese. Food is meh. What’s for dinner?

Day 13 – Tomorrow is day 14

Day 14 – They take me out for lunch and all I can think about is stealing a slice of pizza or a fry off of someone’s plate while I eat salad

Day 15 – Ditto. Also, never east Indian food without some form of starch or carb ever again. Dreaming of multigrain toast with tons of butter, which makes me feel totally uncreative

Day 16/17 – Other people’s lunch room food smells great. Still miss cheese

Day 18 – I half forgot I was doing it

Day 19 – I miss cheese and cheese misses me, too

Day 20 – 2/3 through. Out of potatoes, but it’s probably a good thing. I wish Ed would stop making flipping popcorn every flipping night! It smells way too good. Even the cat gets to eat some.

Day 21/22 – Just. Want. Cheese. And burger. Mostly feeling like I’m getting used to this. Wrote a letter to a friend listing all of the foods I will eat once this is over

I’ll write a post-mortem next week and include the last 8 days


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