Post Mortem: Whole30

As promised, here are my notes on the last 8 days of the Whole30:

Day 23 – Straight up almond butter with a spoon for “breakfast”. I wanted to quit today and begged Ed to take me with him to the gastropub he was going to with coworkers. I made burgers instead. It wasn’t the same.

Day 24 – 6 more days, 6 more days, 6 more days. I’ll work out tonight.

Day 25 – Glad I worked out, I guess. Can I has a burger meow?

Day 26 – Popcorn deprivation sucks. So do the menses. Or do the menses blow because the uterus is expelling its lining?

Day 27 – Attack of the uterus. I’ll eat spanakopita with my eyes.

Day 28 – Meal prepped like a champion

Day 29 – Uhhh what do I do when this is over?

Day 30 – I’m way too excited for Five Guys.

The Aftermath

I finished the Whole30 almost a week ago, and I definitely didn’t follow the “Slow” reincorporation cycle. Oops. Yes, I “celebrated” a little too hard with Five Guys. Rewarding self with food = bad idea. I’ve felt nasty all week, and I suspect wheat is to blame. I don’t miss anything with sugar in it, and I think I’ve satisfied my cheese craving.

Everything tastes LOUD, too salty, or over spiced. I had a green apple hard candy at work on Friday, and I could taste the colour green. Like food synesthesia. Eep. The Whole30 is definitely a tastebud re-calibrator. Ed loves this: since I’m the one that does most of the cooking and he’s a supertaster (real thing), I’ve scaled back my spicing and salting significantly.


  • My business casual clothes fit nicely again (woo!)
  • The dreaded afternoon slump is about 1/2 an hour long tops
  • I generally have a zillion times more energy than before I started the Whole30
  • I felt a positive mental shift in terms of my relationship with food, and an increased awareness of how food affects my mood and energy
  • My skin looks pretty nice, heh heh

I would love to tell you about the “scale victory”, but I think for the sake of this blog and the sake of redefining beauty, I’ll leave out numbers.

What I’ll Keep on Doing

Scale back my cheese consumption, eat more veggies and fruit over other options. I complained a lot during the Whole30, but I’m proud that I persevered and powered through it. While it felt restrictive and frustrating, I think it strengthened my willpower and altered my perception ofย food.






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