Fasting and a Launch

Really, I wish “launch” was “lunch”, since that’s what I’ll be skipping tomorrow for 19 days.

I don’t publicize my religion a lot (I’m a Baha’i) or talk about it too much, even though it’s the reason why I lived in Israel for a year. As corny as it sounds, to me it’s like going to yoga for the exercise minus the overdramatic spiritual aspect for me. I feel it’s important to be part of a community, and I genuinely believe a lot of aspects of being a Baha’i are pretty great. Like our super democratic voting system sans campaigning.

A great deal of the time, I’m experiencing it in my own way. Sometimes this involves plugging my ears and parading around going “la la la la LA!”

Back to the crux of this post: once a year, we fast! Think Ramadan, but at the same time every year. With the exception of this year, the Baha’i Fast is March 2 – 20 (inclusive). I call it being a Food Vampire for almost 3 weeks: nothing passes my lips during daylight. Except sometimes my lip balm…doesn’t count, though. The not eating part is meant to be a spiritually significant time and a symbol of self-restraint. Of course, there are exceptions: menstruation, nursing, pregnant, under 15 or over 70, sick (includes long-term chronic diseases), or if you’re engaged in heavy labour.


Pretty nice. Also a great way to recalibrate your appetite! I like that I’ve been seeing, over the last few years, a lot of great research into why intermittent fasting is really good for you. This article explains why occasional calorie restriction is good for you, and this article talks more about 5:2 fasting, which is also awesome for you long-term. I’ve also read some studies they’ve done on mice restricting their calories, and it has similar effects on humans.

I’m not advocating for starvation, but for dietary calibration and balance. I’m big on it, especially since I mega suck at consistency sometimes. My experience with The Fast is usually approached with a little bit of frustration because it’s something I “have” to do, but also with eagerness because I feel both spiritually and physically refreshed.

Sometimes I make memes to send to friends to annoy them. Pictures of doughnuts and burgers captioned with, “HOW’S THE FAST?”

Now onto launching. I decided about two months ago that I should make and sell my own natural cosmetics after I made a hand salve my brother-in-law and his family raved about. I’ve named my uh, company (it feels weird to say “company”), Naked Kitty Naturals (yeah, don’t judge me, the site’s not quite finished / worked on).



Some products include: dry shampoo, hand salve, hand lotion, lip balm, lip scrubs, deodorant, beard oil, and oil face cleanser.

My Minimalist Face and Naked Kitty will be (ideally) working in tandem. And I’ll be attending my first craft show March 20 in Regina! I’ll keep everyone in the loop on future craft shows.

Stay tuned!




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  1. may says:

    Nice blog dear Sara!
    I didn’t know about your company! Impressive and amazing! Good luck👏👍


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