Rest Positions Part II: Conquering Sleep

In Part I, I outlined my history (aka struggle) with sleep, a couple of anecdotes about Sara vs. Sleep as a kid (lots of FOMO), and how it caught up to me in early adulthood.

I’d say that two things really kicked my sucky sleep habit in the teeth:

The first was hearing a health professional tell me I needed a routine, along side the fact that I was working consistent hours, 8:00 to 5:30 5 days a week. And yeah, I was taking some pretty crazy supplements, too. Placebo effect or not, I think they gave me a really great gradual increase in energy. Long-term, there’s nothing like waking up and sleeping consistently early.

The second was sharing a bed with someone else; not only am I bed hog, but I’m an incredibly light sleeper, so there was an extended adjustment period for me. I tend to get in bed and unwind a little bit before Ed makes his way to sleep. With his 8:00 to 4:30 work schedule in mind, I followed suit and adjusted my internal clock to Ed’s; I wake up before him now.

But let’s be honest, I still sleep in like a champion on weekends.

My personal struggle with getting a regular sleep routine / getting over the constant fatigue was a little like AA’s first step / the realisation you have a problem. First you need to need to realise you’re powerless over sleep, and that your waking life is unmanageable. God or not, being strategic about getting over my problem helped. Talking about it to friends and family gave me the kick I need to figure it out. Although the changes were gradual and I just boiled it down to a couple of things, I think it was a valuable exercise in learning my body’s quirks.

And let’s not forget good old diet and exercise, friends!

I realize that two medium-sized posts may give the impression that I’m over simplifying what happened and how I overcame it. It wasn’t an easy struggle: it took me 3 years to realize I had a problem, and another 2 to rectify it.

Lena Dunham will back me on the reality of adrenal fatigue.


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