Hair: A Washing Quandry

Now for something topical: “How often am I really supposed to wash my flipping hair?” Is a question I’m confronted with often.

I have several friends that boast their once-a-week-washing regime; I’m both baffled and impressed. If I skip a day or two, I still have to wash my bangs so they’re not separating like crazy.

Now you might ask, “how the heck does someone with thick hair have the oil slick problem after, oh, a day?” Well I’m not sure.

I can really go 2 days without washing at the moment, but it’s the darned bangs that make life difficult.

For the last 10 months, I’ve been using SLS-Free shampoo from Seaweed Bath Co, and I swear my hair looks like it’s out of a Pantene commercial EVERY day. Yes, I’m touting their shampoo. My husband hasn’t used shampoo regularly (he’ll shampoo maybe once a year…)

I bought dry shampoo, but it makes my hair white…so I add activated charcoal to it to make it black. This works, but the black powder gets under your fingernails and stays there. Sigh. I did find a Bumble and Bumble spray that was also meant for dark hair, but I find the oils in spray-on dry shampoos don’t really help out long term. Hairspray?

How often do you wash your hair? Any tips for getting from wash to wash?



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