Headaches III

A brief headache update in bullet points several months later:

  • Medication #1 (propranolol) stopped working, so I tried a second one (amytriptaline) which wrecked my life within a week of taking it.


  • Stopped taking Medication #2. It worked for headaches, but it made me feel like a zombie sloth shell of myself with zero energy. I felt like I couldn’t function like a normal human. If you read my post on my history with adrenal fatigue syndrome, you’ll understand why I hate being tired long-term (read Part I hereย and Part II here). ASIDE: my doctor thought she was giving me amytriptaline for sleeping…Hah.


  • I quit coffee again. Well, I’m still having the occasional cup of decaf. Headache city still, but it might take another week until my withdrawls are gone. Yes, I’m an “addict” to coffee. I even started keeping a Bullet Journalย and included a page with habits including how many serving of caffeine I’m having, headaches, moods, and even whether or not I was nice to my husband, ha ha. But still, headaches every day.


  • Tomorrow, we start Whole30 #3 of 2016. We’ll see if it’s food. Again. This time I swear I’ll re-incorporate slowly.


  • This part might be TMI, but I’m having my IUD removed at the end of the month. I have a sneaking suspicion I may be extra sensitive to hormones, but we’ll see after a couple of months of having it out. There will be more updates!

Stupid headaches.


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